musedlab logoThe Music Experience Design Lab @ NYU researches and designs technologies and experiences for music making, learning, and engagement. We actively collaborate with technology developers, educational agencies, teachers, students & musicians in the creation of solutions to real world music education challenges.

picture-2Performamatics is a collaboration between the UMass Lowell Computer Science & Music departments in the area of exhibition and performance technologies. The common thread in Performamatics projects is that many tasks, performed by multiple people, must come together on a tight schedule by a specific date to achieve a desired result. Performamatics also implies that each team member must “perform” his or her task in a way that can be integrated into a final product, regard less of whether that team member participates visibly in the culminating event. Our project develops courses and modules at the intersection of computational and musical thinking, as well as music computation technologies in support music learning and creativity.

picture-4The Music and Youth Initiative sponsors afterschool music, studio and film clubhouses for underserved youth throughout Greater Boston. UMass Lowell has partnered with Music and Youth and the Lawrence Music Clubhouse in student mentoring, exchange and teaching collaborations, and provided consultation on the development of their popular music performance method books. Our current work documents their pedagogical approach to teaching music production, audio recording and songwriting.


picture-4MusicDelta is a new, online music engagement platform for music learning and creating. Students and teachers can explore interactive recordings of music from across historical periods and genres. Musical recordings are made engaging to students via interactive multitrack and creating tools.


picture-4Noteflight is a free, online music notation platform for collaborative composition. Compositions can be easily shared and embedded in other websites. Multiple users can comment and contribute to each other’s compositions via embedded social discussion forums. A fee-based version, Noteflight Crescendo, is now available with enhanced sounds, support for guitar tablature, and customizable social sharing features. Our group currently researches the social and musical interactions within the emerging online community of youth composers on


NNIMIPA-LOGO-3DNNIMIPA is the Nordic Network for the Integration of Music Informatics, Performance and Aesthetics.  NNIMIPA aims at shedding new light upon  traditional and contemporary questions within music research employing approaches which regard music from a vantage point where information and communication are the focal points, aided by the tools under rapid development within information technology, practice-based research and the new perspectives arising within aesthetics as a result of new technologies for studying and producing music.

Jam2Jam logojam2jam is a new instrument for collaborative media performance that allows people to play music and do video remixing together over the internet. The project explores ways to enhance learning and community by designing interactive creative activities based on collaborative and generative digital technologies. The project has developed new generative media software that can be controlled over the internet and uses these to increase access to real-time creative interaction for novice users such as children and people with disabilities. & ACID Australasian Collaborative Research Center for Interaction Design.



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    I’m very impressed by your blog and your work in music technology. Id love to chat with you about our website, Soundfly, which aims to help anyone, anywhere find their unique sound and express it musically.

    We recognize you as an expert in our field and would love your feedback in regard to our mission and the way in which we express it on our site.

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