Redefining the “C” in MOOC from “Course” to “Community”: The Design, Implementation, and Evolution of

This is the abstract for a presentation I’ve been invited to give in September at the International Music Institutes Leadership Forum (IMILF) to be held at the China Conservatory in Beijing as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. I’ll be speaking about the design, implementation and evolution of our Play … Continue Reading →

Using Prezi to Host Your Course Syllabus

I’ve been using for while now as the main platform for the presentations I give at workshops and conferences. To me, Prezi is a great non-linear space for organizing media-rich materials. For example, I have a “master” Prezi that contains many of the New Media Musicianship exemplars that I’ve … Continue Reading →


Partnerships and Practices: Exploring the Musical Roles of Producer and Engineer with Pre-service Music Educators – Rock & Roles 2012

S. Alex Ruthmann & Bradford Swanson University of Massachusetts Lowell Abstract In the United States, few pre-service music educators have had extended prior experiences as popular music performers or producers in their formal schooling. Those that have often find few opportunities in teacher training programs to express and further develop … Continue Reading →


MIDI Scratch Extensions

Music and Audio Scratch 2.0 Alpha Extensions Working with John Maloney and Eric Rosenbaum at the MIT Media Lab, we are working on a set of experimental music and audio extensions for Scratch 2.0. Our current work has an experimental set of MIDI blocks that can be used to control … Continue Reading →

Music, Creativity and Technology: An Example from Actual Practice

Step 1: Find music notation scribbled on a bathroom wall. Step 2: Take a picture of it with your cell phone camera and post it online to ImageShack: Step 3: Post a link to that photo on Reddit for others to see and discuss: Step 4: Transcribe melody … Continue Reading →