Using Prezi to Host Your Course Syllabus

I’ve been using for while now as the main platform for the presentations I give at workshops and conferences. To me, Prezi is a great non-linear space for organizing media-rich materials. For example, I have a “master” Prezi that contains many of the New Media Musicianship exemplars that I’ve … Continue Reading →

Music Tech Gallery: Edison Wax Cylinder

This post marks the first in a series where I will be sharing pieces of music technology from my personal collection. Over the years, I have made it a point to collect historical pieces of music technology. The bulk of my collection is comprised of recording and interactive media. While … Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning and New Beginnings

Now that the semester is finished, papers marked, and grades assigned, I am starting to clean out my office at Indiana State. However, instead of sorting, reorganizing and planning for next year, I am boxing everything up in preparation for my upcoming move to beautiful Lowell, Massachusetts. Beginning September 1, … Continue Reading →