Fall 2013 Course – Designing Technologies & Experiences for Music Making, Learning and Engagement

MPAME-GE 2035 – 3 Units – Technological Trends in Music Education Designing Technologies & Experiences for Music Making, Learning and Engagement Thursdays – 4:55pm-6:35pm – EDUC 877 – Fall 2013 In this course students will work individually and in teams in the design of music technologies and/or experiences for music making, learning … Continue Reading →

Making it Easier to be Musical in Scratch

One of our summer research projects has focused on the refinement of audio, sound and music blocks and strategies for Scratch 2.0, the visual programming environment for kids developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. Out of the box, Scratch provides some basic sound and audio … Continue Reading →


Music Tech Gallery: Edison Wax Cylinder

This post marks the first in a series where I will be sharing pieces of music technology from my personal collection. Over the years, I have made it a point to collect historical pieces of music technology. The bulk of my collection is comprised of recording and interactive media. While … Continue Reading →


Partnerships and Practices: Exploring the Musical Roles of Producer and Engineer with Pre-service Music Educators – Rock & Roles 2012

S. Alex Ruthmann & Bradford Swanson University of Massachusetts Lowell Abstract In the United States, few pre-service music educators have had extended prior experiences as popular music performers or producers in their formal schooling. Those that have often find few opportunities in teacher training programs to express and further develop … Continue Reading →