Exploring the Neglected Musical Dimensions of Timbre and Space: A Window into the Creative Thinking of Producers and Engineers – MISTEC 2012 Workshop

  S. Alex Ruthmann & Bradford Swanson University of Massachusetts Lowell Abstract The musical roles of the audio engineer and producer, and their related manipulations of the musical dimensions of timbre and space, are often neglected in contemporary K-12 music education curricula and in courses preparing music teacher educators. Two musical dimensions … Continue Reading →


Exploring the Creative Processes of Audio Engineers and Producers – Workshop Files

Exploring the Creative Processes of Audio Engineers and Producers Audio Analysis Worksheet – Ben Folds’ Cologne What instruments do you hear? Auditory Scene Analysis – mapping instrument location & performance intensity in space. Describe the sound of each instrument you heard. Convergent Mix – Cologne Streaming stereo mix audio file GarageBand … Continue Reading →


ATMI 2012 – Nov. 17, 2012 Timbre, Space and the Creative Processes of Engineers and Producers Wilmington Public Schools Workshop Materials – Nov. 6, 2012 Technology and the Arts Prezi STEM to STEAM Prezi Prezi from seminar – University of Southern Denmark

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