Using Prezi to Host Your Course Syllabus

I’ve been using for while now as the main platform for the presentations I give at workshops and conferences. To me, Prezi is a great non-linear space for organizing media-rich materials. For example, I have a “master” Prezi that contains many of the New Media Musicianship exemplars that I’ve … Continue Reading →

2011 – Year in Review

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog. The reality is that I’ve been finding less and less time for the longer posts that generally fit the category of “blog.” Instead, I’ve been curating a lot of content and posting links to the interesting things going on via … Continue Reading →

Music, Creativity and Technology: An Example from Actual Practice

Step 1: Find music notation scribbled on a bathroom wall. Step 2: Take a picture of it with your cell phone camera and post it online to ImageShack: Step 3: Post a link to that photo on Reddit for others to see and discuss: Step 4: Transcribe melody … Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning and New Beginnings

Now that the semester is finished, papers marked, and grades assigned, I am starting to clean out my office at Indiana State. However, instead of sorting, reorganizing and planning for next year, I am boxing everything up in preparation for my upcoming move to beautiful Lowell, Massachusetts. Beginning September 1, … Continue Reading →

12 year-old investigates musical participation

I just received a fascinating email from Cambridge Journals, the publisher of one of the leading music education research journals, the British Journal of Music Education (BJME). BJME just published a research study conducted and written by a 12-year old student, Eleanor Denny. Working with researchers and other children at … Continue Reading →